Chemical and Skin Peels

In Houston, Texas

A skin peel is often the answer for sun-damaged skin, acne scarring and superficial wrinkles. Because all skin does not respond to products equally, DermaHealth Laser offers a variety of chemical peels at our Houston, Texas location ranging from basic Enzyme Peels to deeper Micro Peels and Glycolic Acid Peels. Whether you are searching for a refreshed look or a deeper anti-aging result, we have the skin treatments right for you.

A Variety Of Chemical Peels Are Offered For Our Patients

  • Enzyme Peel: This is a basic cleansing followed by an enzyme based treatment to stimulate and exfoliate offering wonderful anti-aging serums.
  • Micro Peel: This is a basic corrective exfolitation consisting of dermaplaning and a light lactic acid application, finished with a soothing mask.
  • Benefit Peel: The benefit peel is an antioxidant, nutrient peel which stimulates collagen without excessive peeling or flaking. This peel is excellent for hypersensitive skin or rosacea patients.
  • Purity Peel: This peel is designed to clear the skin of blemishes and heal acne, reduce inflammation and exfoliate.
  • Blueberry Jessner’s Peel: With this peel a layered treatment is offered providing a perfect corrective treatment for acne and sun damaged skin. Light-based treatments can be combined with these for maximum results.
  • Glycolic Acid Peel: Our glycolic acid peels, or Blue Radiance Peels, offer the deepest penetration for correction of dermal skin issues and are great combined with a Photo-Facial®, Laser Genesis or Botox Cosmetic® to reduce fine lines and brown spots associated with sun damaged skin.

We are constantly evaluating and adding additional products to our facial peel menu so our patients are receiving premier skin treatment and anti-aging products.